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The Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) conducts internationally competitive research and PhD education in information and communication technology (ICT) with an emphasis on creating socio-economic impact. Working with public and industry partners, SnT carries a mission to establish Luxembourg as a European centre of excellence for secure, reliable, and trustworthy ICT systems and services.

Space-related research features prominently among its strategic priorities, with current projects including work in satellite communications, space resources and space vehicles- in the centre’s unique space laboratories, SnT researchers develop new space technologies with partner companies..

SnT scientists conduct both long-term research and engage in demand-driven projects; an interdisciplinary approach allows them to tackle problems not only from a technical perspective, but also to address organisational, human and legal issues. Through SnT’s Partnership Programme, researchers currently work in collaboration with over 60 private and public organisations, addressing the key challenges facing industry and the public sector in ICT. Along with the Partnership Programme, the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) ensures that SnT is at the heart of efforts to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem in Luxembourg. The Centre has undergone a rapid development since its launch in 2009; recruiting top scientists, launching over 100 EU and ESA projects, protecting and licensing IP, launching four spin-offs, and creating a dynamic interdisciplinary research environment with some 450 people.


Space exploration and the Earth-orbit space economy are creating entirely new markets. Our expertise in satellite communications, autonomous systems, orbital and planetary robotics, small satellites, space systems design and mission-critical software makes us the ideal center of excellence to support Luxembourg’s commitment to space exploration and in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU).

We collaborate with public and private partners through an established model: our Partnership Programme. Companies of all sizes, entities and agencies work with us to achieve their innovation and optimisation goals. In return, our researchers receive access to relevant challenges, real-word data, and systems to test their research results. Every project is different, but usually the outcome is a prototype working in the partner’s real environment. Companies work alongside specialised staff ready to hire at the end of the project, if needed. Our partners also receive access to the latest research methodologies and state-of-the art equipment. SnT supports projects with co-financing, as well as support for third-party research grant applications.


We have five space labs: Concurrent Design Facility, Cubsat Lab, Lunalab, Zero-Gravity-Lab, Satcom Lab. Our technical expertise covers a wide range of capabilities:

  • TT&C Subsystems (GEO)
  • Telecom Payloads
  • Optical Sensors (star trackers, sun sensors, earth sensors, FOG ...)
  • GPS / GNSS receivers
  • RF / microwave Analog Signal Electronic Devices
  • On-board Computers (bus / payloads)
  • Other Digital / mixed Signal Electronic Device (remote terminal units ...)
  • On-board Software (Processing, Data compression)
  • Phased Arrays
  • Engineering Software Provision and Support (CAE ...)
  • Engineering Analysis Support
  • System/Mission analysis support
  • In space manufacturing (Orbits and celestial bodies)
  • Ground Stations
  • Baseband Equipment and Software
  • In-orbit Calibration &Testing Equipment
  • System Monitoring & Control (S/w and Services)
  • Weather Data
  • Optical Data
  • Satellite Broadband Services
  • Communications Services (including resilient and secured)
  • IoT / M2M Communication
  • Security Applications & Services
  • Medias Applications & Services
  • Sensors networks & Services


Around 70% of SnT’s income stems from competitive research funding and over 100 MEUR external funding has been secured since SnT’s creation. Through the SnT Partnership Programme, large numbers of partners have proved willing to invest in joint research activities, ultimately improving their competitiveness through new and improved services and systems. The programme currently counts over 60 partners.


  • SES Partnership - Research Program in Satellite Systems
  • VHTS: User Terminal Wideband Modem for Very High Throughput Satellites, ESA.
  • LiveSatPreDem: Live Satellite Precoding Demonstration, ESA.
  • FlexPreDem: Demostrator of Precoding Techniques for Flexible Broadband Systems, ESA.
  • SIERRA: Spectral efficient Receivers and Resource Allocation for Cognitive Satellite Communications, FNR-ANR.
  • PROSAT: on-board PROcessing techniques for high throughput SATellites, FNR.
  • MOSIS: Model-Based Simulation of Integrated Software Systems
  • INSTRUCT: Integrated Satellite-Terrestrial Systems for Ubiquitous Beyond 5G Communications
  • 5G-SpaceLab: 5G Space Communications Lab, an interdisciplinary space communications and control emulation platform

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