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Who are the playable characters in Sonic GT? ›

The game has 7 playable characters, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mighty the Armadillo, Ray the Flying Squirrel, Shadow the Hedgehog, Metal Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Super Sonic. The gameplay uses physics to have Sonic and his friends blast through these stages.

Who made Green Mountain Sonic? ›

The Tale. On January 12th, a mysterious user named grenmoun_s o n i c has uploaded a game called Green Mountain on the Sonic Fangame website. Upon playing it you will be greeted with an eyeless Sonic with disturbing music.

What is Sonic Gather battle? ›

Sonic Gather Battle is a fan game based on the Sonic the Hedgehog series, featuring characters from Super Mario Bros, Mega Man X, and Bleach (who were all in, and based on, predecessors of Sonic Gather Battle previously). It was released in 2014.

Is Sonic World a fan game? ›

Sonic World is 3D Sonic the Hedgehog Fan game, It is based on It's Predecessor BlitzSonic Heroes and it's still in-development,Released first time by "Ozcrash" with some help from "Nibroc.

Who is Sonic crush on? ›

Amy Rose. Amy Rose is a pink hedgehog and Sonic's self-proclaimed girlfriend, who is an energetic tomboy. Amy was created by Kazuyuki Hoshino for Sonic the Hedgehog CD (1993), although she appeared in Kenji Terada's Sonic the Hedgehog manga a year before.

Who is Sonic Canon girlfriend? ›

In the SatAM, and the Pre-Sgw Archie Comics, his primary love interest, and later girlfriend is Princess Sally Acorn.

Who built the tornado Sonic? ›

In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Tails has built a now land-based iteration of the Tornado series called the "Tornado Racer", capable of making fast turns with its short wing span.

What was Sonic originally called? ›

The corporation evolved from the Top Hat Drive-In (later Sonic) in Shawnee, Oklahoma, a restaurant founded in 1953 by Troy Smith. After three failed restaurant ventures, Smith opened the Top Hat, an abandoned root beer stand, to serve hamburgers and hot dogs cooked to order.

Who built the first Sonic? ›

Sonic, founded by Troy N. Smith, Sr., opened its first location in 1953, under the name Top Hat Drive-In. Originally a walk-up root beer stand outside a log-cabin steakhouse selling soda, hamburgers, and hotdogs, Sonic currently has 3,545 locations in the United States.

Why is Sonic 3 two games? ›

From a myriad of factors, chiefly the size of the project itself and an impending release deadline, the decision had to be made to split it into two different cartridges: Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles.

What game is Darkspine Sonic from? ›

Darkspine Sonic, from Sonic and the Secret Rings. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, after witnessing Erazor Djinn absorb the seven World Rings, Sonic saw Erazor mutate into the incomplete Alf Layla wa-Layla, as the requirement for controlling the World Rings were not met.

Who is the yellow guy on Sonic? ›

Tails was redesigned (along with all of the other Sonic characters) by Yuji Uekawa for Sonic Adventure. His fur changed color to a more yellow shade as opposed to the orange in his early appearances, and he gained blue irises.

Is Sonic EXE appropriate? ›

Background music can make players frightened or nervous. Sonic follows the characters that the player controls, but it is impossible to escape from Sonic. This game is a sonic game, but it is never a game for children.

Is Sonic EXE a Sonic fan? ›

The original Sonic.exe story centers on Tom, a young man who was a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, especially the older games.

Who can you play as in Sonic Generations? ›

Sonic Generations is a platform game in which players control two variants of Sonic the Hedgehog: "Classic" or "Modern".

Who is playable in Sonic forces? ›

The game features three playable characters: two variants of Sonic the Hedgehog ("Classic" and "Modern") and the "Avatar" (the player's custom character).

Is Amy playable in Sonic Generations? ›

Amy: Topsy Turvy is the fifth and final Challenge Act of Sky Sanctuary Act 1 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the classic era and is playable only as Classic Sonic.

How many playable characters are in Sonic Heroes? ›

Control 3 playable characters simultaneously, using Sonic's speed, Knuckles' power, and tails' ability to fly as you explore massive worlds. Team-based gameplay lets you as one of 4 teams for a total of 12 playable characrters, each with their own unique signature moves.


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